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Omaha Holdem

Omaha holdem is a community card poker game similar to Texas holdem, where each player is dealt four cards and must make his best hand using exactly two of them, plus exactly three of the five community cards. The exact origin of the game is unknown,But it should increase odds of win just due to having more cards to choose from rather than Texas Holdem where a player gets two cards.At the same time , it means more time is needed to examine the possibities of combinations to win.

In high-low split, each player makes a separate five card high hand and five card ace to five low hand ,eight-high or lower to qualify, and the pot is split between the high and low .

Pot limit Omaha online and in high stakes mixed games played in some American casinos. Mostly it's played high only, but can also be played high low. Even more so than Limit Omaha Hi-Lo, Pot limit holdem is said to be a game of drawing , if you are drawing, to the nut hand. Second best flushes and straights can be, and frequently are, beaten.

The nut hand is the strongest combination for a given situation.

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