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odds and probabilities

odds and probabilites are just that maybes sometimes they work and sometimes they don't one thing that seems to help is to create a sense of luck or desired outcome and luck or desired outcome seems to follow but here are some mathematical formulas to add to the game.

1 in X - This is the most practical application while sitting at a table. If you have 1 card in the deck that'll save you, and 46 cards are remaining in the deck, it'd be a "1 in 46" chance. Meaning you have one out from X number of chances. It's really a fraction sideways: 7/8ths is the same as "7 in 8". So "1 in 2" would be a 50% chance or a "1 to 1" chance

X to 1 - This is very commonly used in holdem books. If you are in a situation where you'll win 1/3rd of the time, and the other 2/3rds you lose, you have a "2 to 1" chance of winning. So "4 to 1" would be the same as a 20% chance or a "1 in 5" chance". "2 to 1" can also be worded as "2 to 1 against", which means your chances are 2 to 1 against winning.

Percentage - This is a widely accepted form that is difficult to calculate at the table in most cases. A 4% chance of winning is the same as a "1 in 25" chance or "24 to 1".

Probability - To do basic math with probabilities it needs to be in this form. Also, if you calculate the chance of an event occurring using algebra, it will come out in this form. It is simply the percentage chance divided by 100 with no % sign. So a 25% chance is the same as a probability of .25, and 100% is a probability of 1.0

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